'Karen & Baby Karen' Harass Black Man At Grocery Store In Viral TikTok

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Two white women were dubbed "Karen and baby Karen" after video showed them harassing a Black man in a grocery store.

In the now-viral video, the two women can be seen standing behind the man with their cart in a checkout line.

The woman pushing the cart appeared to purposely bump the man in the back as they moved forward in the line. This prompts the man to turn around and condemn the woman for her behavior.

“Hit me with that motherf****** cart one more time, I’m gonna punch you in your f****** face,” the man said. “Back the f*** off of me!”

An argument ensues between the man and woman before a bystander, who is recording the incident, steps in to defend him.

“Lady you need to stop, you’ve been harassing him this whole time,” the bystander said.

“I wasn’t harassing him,” the woman responded.

Before the altercation began, the TikTok user who shared the video said the women had falsely accused the man of cutting them in line.

At one point during the interaction, a store employee approached the group to find out what happened.

“She’s been harassing him the entire time,” the bystander said.

The employee then appeared to walk away, and the women turned their attention to the bystander defending the man.

“You can turn your camera off,” one woman said.

“Nah, I’ll just wait,” the bystander replied.

The second woman then turned around to berate the bystander.

“I just wondered, do you just have that out all the time while you’re going through the store?” the woman asked.

“No, just when people are harassing others,” the bystander responded.

The video ended with the women appearing to go to a different checkout line.

Watch the viral incident below.

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